On-Demand Webinar - ERPA's PeopleSoft Fluid Deployment Services

What we discussed:

  • There is no shortage of ways that your business can be impacted by external events.
  • Assume others are impacted in similar ways to how you are being impacted.
  • “No battle plan survives the first contact with the enemy”, Helmuth von Moltke the Elder.
  • Nothing is better than experience in being able to deal with things you have never experienced.


Sai Krishnan
ERPA, Senior Program Manager

Gary Somers
ERPA, Senior Client Executive, Higher Education

Albert Saryan 
LACCD, IT Systems

Los Angeles Community College District - Implementation Summary

ERPA successfully upgraded LACCD's Campus Solutions Student Information System (SIS) from version 9.0 to 9.2, on PeopleTools 8.56. In April 2019, a late decision to implement PeopleSoft Fluid was made, and in doing so, it allowed LACCD to decommission their portal. The implementation of Fluid allowed students, faculty, and staff to access the SIS remotely, from anywhere there is a cell signal or wi-fi connection, via mobile phone, tablet or computer.

The simultaneous projects required a small army of an onsite team and our offsite ERPA remote lab. They worked very closely to coordinate efforts- managing the workload, schedule, and resource requirements. The team's contributions were invaluable, and their dedication was exemplary.

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Advantages of ERPA’s PS Fluid-as-a-Service: 

  • On-demand functional & technical Fluid expertise
  • "Rapid Fluid Deployment Methodology" including our guided value map to implementing Fluid
  • Post implementation services including ongoing Fluid enhancements, support, and maintenance.


ERPA is offering short term Contingency Support Services for PeopleSoft

We are all working to adjust to the interruption that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused in our families, our schools, and in our professional lives.  As organizations make difficult decisions about the short-term deployment of their resources to deliver HCM, FSCM, and Campus Solutions through PeopleSoft, ERPA is built to support you.  ERPA’s managed services team can act as a backstop to ensure that back office operations continue unabated.

ERPA has designed a short-term program to quickly help.  Whether your employees are at home, access to expertise is limited, or you need expanded support, ERPA is ready to offer our PeopleSoft Contingency Support Program. It will ensure that your organization:

  • Maintains support for your PeopleSoft systems- Including Break/fix, Incident Management (Priority 1)
  • Has consistent Application, Web and Database Server Management and Monitoring
  • Stays current with Patch application

This program also includes a Disaster Recovery Tabletop Exercise, Environment Refresh and Backup.

Limited Commitment (6-month term), $10,000 per month per PeopleSoft pillar

**  To make this as painless as possible we will offer the first month of managed services free of charge.

We are in it Together!

As a PeopleSoft solutions firm with more than 20 years of experience with clients like you, we want to reassure you that we have the organization to help you through this crisis.  We are here to keep your organization functioning and productive until we all get through it together!

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About ERPA

ERPA is an Oracle Partner and market leader in ERP implementation, managed services and application hosting. Founded in 1999, ERPA’s values of Empathy, Responsibility, Passion, and Agility resolve business process, compliance, and support challenges for Higher Education, Public Sector, and Commercial clients. We specialize in PeopleSoftWorkday, and Business Analytics. Our suite of services incorporates project-based life cycle management including Implementations, upgrades, hosting and managed services. ERPA’s subject matter experts have developed proprietary “as a Service”, solutions such as Testing as a Service and Security as a Service that increase reliability and stability at less time and cost for our clients.

  • Details will be provided when services are requested.
  • This offering is for a period of 60 days and services rendered will be provided at no cost to the client.  At the end of the 60-day period, the service will be complete with no additional obligations for the client or ERPA.
  • The scope of services provided is limited to those required to assist the client in keeping a production instance of PeopleSoft (any pillar) up and running and available to the client’s end users.  ERPA will assign experienced staff to address issues that are reported and will work to resolve issues encountered that would prevent the system from being utilized by the client’s end users for normal business processing.
  • While it is ERPA’s intention to service any organization requesting services, ERPA does reserve the right to reject a request for services if ERPA determines that circumstances warrant.