ERPA is inviting you to take a first step towards optimizing your investment in PeopleSoft.  Optimizing requires clear direction and this requires a roadmap.  Not having a clear direction will impact the organization operationally through inefficient processes, extra costs, and missed opportunity.  Most organizations that don’t have a roadmap simply need a jumpstart; you may need to have some questions answered or to put some structure in place.  ERPA is a thought leader in all things PeopleSoft and is here to help.

ERPA is offering a complimentary workshop to start the process.  This Workshop will give you insight into how to get started optimizing your investment in PeopleSoft to take advantage of your organization's changing business needs and start you on the path to building an executable roadmap for PeopleSoft success.

Use your workshop to ask an expert the questions you have.  No topics are out-of-bounds, but some topics that we have addressed with other organizations include:

  • What is the outlook for PeopleSoft as a solution?  What does that mean to our organization?
  • We are staying on PeopleSoft for the foreseeable future, what should we focus on?
  • We have decided to leave PeopleSoft in the near future, what should we focus on?
  • Which of the modules that we already own have the most opportunity for optimization and organizational impact?
  • What is Selective Adoption (using the PUM) and how to we effectively implement this?  
  • What options are available to us from a hardware perspective (replacement, hosting, etc.).
  • What is the embedded costs of our customizations and what are the options to remove those?
  • There are a lot of Automated Testing solutions out there. Which is best for PeopleSoft?  How would that impact Selective Adoption?
  • What are the options to introduce Chatbots and Kibana dashboards?  Why would these be valuable to the organization?
  • What should we be doing regarding disaster recovery and business continuity? 

The Workshop covers a 60 minute session with our PeopleSoft expert.

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