ERPA is inviting you to take a first step towards optimizing your investment in PeopleSoft.  Optimizing requires clear direction and this requires a roadmap.  Not having a clear direction will impact the organization operationally through inefficient processes, extra costs, and missed opportunity.  Most organizations that don’t have a roadmap simply need a jumpstart; you may need to have some questions answered or to put some structure in place.  ERPA is a thought leader in all things PeopleSoft and is here to help.

ERPA is offering a complimentary workshop to start the process.  This Workshop will give you insight into how to get started optimizing your investment in PeopleSoft to take advantage of your organization's changing business needs and start you on the path to building an executable roadmap for PeopleSoft success.

The Workshop covers a 60 minute session with our PeopleSoft expert.

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