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ERPA is an Oracle Partner and market leader in ERP implementation, managed services and application hosting. Founded in 1999, ERPA’s values of Empathy, Responsibility, Passion, and Agility resolve business process, compliance, and support challenges for Higher Education, Public Sector, and Commercial clients. We specialize in PeopleSoftWorkday, and Business Analytics. Our suite of services incorporates project-based life cycle management including Implementations, upgrades, hosting and managed services. ERPA’s subject matter experts have developed proprietary “as a Service”, solutions such as Testing as a Service and Security as a Service that increase reliability and stability at less time and cost for our clients.

About The Complimentary Services

ERPA is offering essential PeopleSoft support services at no cost

The events that are unfolding surrounding the corona virus (COVID-19) are unprecedented and are beginning to have a pronounced impact on each of us in our personal and professional lives. ERPA is no different. 

Like every business, we have held discussions to determine strategies to minimize the impact. During these meetings, the discussion routinely moved beyond how to minimize the impact to ERPA to how can ERPA apply its skills and resources to assist our customers and others that might be impacted.

ERPA routinely performs PeopleSoft centered work including support services for its managed services customers. We will continue to ensure that our customer’s needs are being met and this part of their business operations are unaffected.

For organizations that may be impacted by the response to the virus, ERPA will provide 60 days of essential support services for PeopleSoft at no cost to any organization upon request. This is targeted assistance intended to help impacted organizations essentially “keep the lights on.”  The scope is specifically to assist the organization to ensure that the system is up and running, available to its users, and that any critical security patches are applied in a timely manner.

We feel strongly that providing this service to organizations that are in need during this time is the best way for ERPA to demonstrate its commitment to its core values of Empathy, Responsibility, Passion, and Agility.

If your organization would like to take advantage of this service, please complete the form or email us at services@erpagroup.com and we will contact you.

  • Details will be provided when services are requested.
  • This offering is for a period of 60 days and services rendered will be provided at no cost to the client.  At the end of the 60-day period, the service will be complete with no additional obligations for the client or ERPA.
  • The scope of services provided is limited to those required to assist the client in keeping a production instance of PeopleSoft (any pillar) up and running and available to the client’s end users.  ERPA will assign experienced staff to address issues that are reported and will work to resolve issues encountered that would prevent the system from being utilized by the client’s end users for normal business processing.
  • While it is ERPA’s intention to service any organization requesting services, ERPA does reserve the right to reject a request for services if ERPA determines that circumstances warrant.

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