In this On-Demand webinar learn how ERPA’s "Rapid Fluid Deployment Methodology” accelerates the time to get Fluid in production.

ERPA’s Fluid as a Service (FaaS) includes the following deliverables:

  • Analytical Dashboards for Self Service Employees, Managers, Administrators and Professionals
  • Home Pages by job duties
  • Navigation Collection (Pages Groupings) for Specialists
  • Work Centers
  • Pivot Grids for Analytics
  • Performance Tiles
  • Forms Builder
  • Fluid Forms & Approvals
  • Fluid UI experience for end users
  • Self Service Employees/Managers, HCM Administrators, Financial Professionals, Campus Admins, Faculties

  • Future Webinars in Q2/Q3:
  • Pre-configured, automated and integrated test scripts for Enterprise Applications such as OBIA, OBIEE, Oracle Cloud (HCM, FSCM, Student, etc.)
  • Automated Stress/Performance Testing to measure your system capacity
  • Automation of Business Processes in Production
  • Automation Testing for Bolt-on Modules
  • Automated System Monitoring
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Artificial Intelligence