PeopleSoft Security Automation and Controls

In this On-demand webinar, our PeopleSoft Security Experts discuss leading practices in PeopleSoft application and data security management. We will discuss how we manage security in all sizes of PeopleSoft application ecosystems and peripheral bolt-on system that are both PeopleSoft related and Non-Oracle.

Security Agenda:
  • Automation of provisioning actions for PeopleSoft using our plug-and-play automated access and monitoring controls software
  • Automation of keeping security in synchronization with integrated applications such as OBIEE, OBIA, On Base, Image Now, AD/LDAP, and OIM
  • Employee onboarding and provisioning
  • Managing job duty and security access changes
  • Removing legacy access and assign new access during a transfer
  • Converting the retirees, alumni, and students graduates to alternate access after transition
  • Maintaining data security in synchronization with job responsibilities

  • Speakers
    Jai Chitkara -Program Director - Emerging Technologies
    Peter Koutroubis - Sr. VP of Sales Operations

    Future Security Webinars in Q2/Q3:

  • How to create a sustainable security model which will satisfy today’s and tomorrow’s organization needs
  • How to mitigate risk and fraud, prevent a data breach with ERPA’s intelligent two-factor authentication
  • How to identify and close security loopholes
  • Identify and implement segregation of duties, create a secured security model pre-built with SOD controls and rules
  • Clean-audits and meet Company, SOX, University (FERPA), State, and Federal compliance requirements
  • Integrate with Identity Access Management, Governing all enterprise security from IDM tools